K Judge's Published Articles
May 2013
05/21/2013 SSL 101: How Do I Get a Secured Connection?
05/17/2013 Managed DNS: Consider Your Options
05/14/2013 Mobile Device Security: The Time Has Come
05/09/2013 Trust Seals: What They Mean to You
April 2013
04/30/2013 2013 Security Breaches: A Bad Year Already
04/29/2013 Authentication: Beyond Passwords
04/23/2013 Data Security in a Post Boston World
04/22/2013 Privacy in a Post Boston World
04/09/2013 Is There a Right Way to Handle a Data Breach?
March 2013
03/31/2013 Is Your Healthcare Data at Risk?
03/31/2013 You are Being Watched
03/19/2013 The CA Security Council: A New Advocate for a Trusted Internet
03/18/2013 Irony Alert! The Vulnerability Database is Vulnerable!
03/14/2013 Should Computer Users Beware the Ides of March?
03/14/2013 Kelihos: Can Anything Kill this Botnet?
February 2013
02/28/2013 Balancing our Rights on the Internet: Protection and Persecution
02/27/2013 Internet Security Firms: Physicians Heal Thyself
02/26/2013 Windows Azure Learns: With SSL You Snooze and You Lose
02/26/2013 Why is the Internet so Vulnerable?
02/25/2013 Java Zero Day Exploits: The Madness Never Ends
02/19/2013 The Cyber War:Time to Call Out China?
02/03/2013 Matousec and their Challenge
January 2013
01/26/2013 What IT Can Learn From Manti Te'o
01/25/2013 Protecting Multiple Sites Under a Single SSL Certificate
01/24/2013 Java Zero-Day Exploits: Who's Worried Now?
01/11/2013 Government Data Security: A Contradiction in Terms?
01/02/2013 Worst Data Security Breaches of 2012, The Top 5
01/02/2013 Worst Data Security Breaches of 2012, Part 1
December 2012
12/28/2012 Malvertising: A Threat to All of Us
12/27/2012 Should You Go Wild for SSL Wildcards?
12/26/2012 Why Hack Banks? That's Where the Money is?
12/15/2012 Comodo:Small Business, Global Mission
12/14/2012 Virus Hall of Fame: SQL Slammer
12/07/2012 Don't Get Caught by the Man in the Middle!
12/05/2012 The Cyber War: America on the Offense?
12/04/2012 2012 a Tough Year for Symantec and Norton
November 2012
11/29/2012 Does Your Mobile Device Need Antivirus Protection?
11/27/2012 E-Commerce: Are We There Yet??
11/27/2012 Did You Have a Safe "Cyber Monday"?
11/26/2012 US-CERT: Here to Help?
11/21/2012 BredoLabs: The Largest Botnet and Spam Machine Ever Built
11/16/2012 Hactivism: A Growing Concern for Network Security
11/15/2012 Lessons From Sandy for IT, Managers and All of Us
11/14/2012 Hackers: Why They Do It
11/01/2012 Oh No! Not Zombie Browsers!
October 2012
10/31/2012 When Disaster Strikes You Can't Count On Luck
10/30/2012 Are Wildcard SSLs Right for You?
10/29/2012 Under Attack: From the White House to the State House
10/29/2012 Be Prepared for Disasters Natural and Man-made
10/25/2012 Malware vs. Virus: What's the Difference?
10/24/2012 Heartland: The Greatest Network Breach in the 21st Century
10/22/2012 The Secured Socket Layer Turns 18!
10/18/2012 Network Penetration Testing: Time to Call in the White Hats
10/17/2012 Daddy, What Did You Do in the Great Cyber War?
10/16/2012 Installing SSL Certificates: Look Before You Leap
10/12/2012 Adobe Code Signing Hack: Are We All in Trouble?
10/12/2012 In a World Without Borders Your Computer Needs Protection
10/12/2012 Firewalls: Personal Vs Network
10/09/2012 Phishing for a Nuclear Football
10/02/2012 Read This Before You Throw Out That Old PC
10/02/2012 How to Save Money on SSL Certificates
10/01/2012 Time to Pay Attention to Your Password
September 2012
09/27/2012 The Cyber War: Don?t Be a Casualty
09/21/2012 Java Zero Day Exploits: Time to Stop the Madness!
09/21/2012 SSL Certificates: Free Can Be Costly
09/20/2012 Zombies: Great Fun for TV, Not for Your Computers!
09/20/2012 Data Security Requires Network Security
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